How To Make The Most Of Hiyahiya Interchangeable Straight Needles

Interchangeable Straight Needles are undoubtedly HiyaHiya’s most versatile product, and can be adapted in countless ways to suit any knitting style or pattern.

The sizes available are miniature (perfect for sock and lace knitting!), small and large. The miniature needles fit tip sizes 2.00mm – 2.50mm, small 2.75mm – 5.00mm and large 5.50mm – 10.00mm.

They are compatible with the entire HiyaHiya Interchangeable Range including Interchangeable Tips and Cables, and the full selection of interchangeable accessories. Attaching Cable Stoppers to both ends of your straight needles will keep your knitting safe and secure while not in use, and we also advise you use Needle Grips to make sure the components are screwed together as tightly as possible to prevent them from disconnecting while you knit. The joins between the tips and needles are also extremely smooth, meaning your yarn will not snag.

We have compiled a list of the best ways you can adapt your Interchangeable Straight Needles, so read below for five intriguingly innovative ideas.

1)      Create a straight needle of any length

Each needle consists of two 10cm sections and one 5cm section, and knitters can use as many of these sections as they like to create a needle of their desired length. The Straight Needles Extension Pack also allows the needles to be made even longer.

2)      Use a Tip Adapter

With the aid of a Small Tip Adapter small tips can be screwed to miniature straight needles, and Standard Tip Adapters allow large tips to be screwed onto small straight needles.

3)      Switch from knitting straight to knitting in the round

If you have your knitting on straight needles and want to switch to a cable or knitting in the round, you can remove the adorable Panda or Bead Cable Stoppers from your needles and attach an Interchangeable Cable. You can then slide your knitting onto the cable with ease, unscrew the needles from the cable and attach some Interchangeable Tips.

4)      Extend the length of your circular needle

Sections of the straight needles can be screwed to a cable before attaching the tips, to extend the length of your circular knitting needle without having to switch to a different size.

5)      Create a DPN

Another brilliant use for these innovative needles is creating a Double Pointed Needle of any length, and having a vast choice of tip sizes to attach. Why not have one steel tip and one sharp tip or even tips of different sizes on each end by using a Tip Adapter?

With HiyaHiya Interchangeable Straight Needles and a little creativity, the possibilities are truly endless! Get your Interchangeable Straight Needles from your nearest HiyaHiya Stockist.