About Us

HiyaHiya Europe is the wholesaler of the renowned knitting and crochet brand, HiyaHiya. Formed in 2012 in the city of Norwich, the vision was to bring the innovative and intricate HiyaHiya knitting needles and crochet hooks to the European market. HiyaHiya proved to be popular, and it grew rapidly across Europe and even into new markets in Asia and Africa.

Humble Beginnings

HiyaHiya’s impeccable quality and its acclaimed prestige among knitters are no accidents. The founder, Qianer Huang, is a keen knitter with a remarkable catalogue of patterns and designs. With trouble finding a knitting needle that met her high-standards, she sought to design a knitting needle that had the agility and durability to align with her creativity.

Fortunately, her father and brother were engineers with the vision to design a knitting needle that could meet her demands. Their unique design to Qianer’s specifications would create the first HiyaHiya needle. This innovation and dedication to quality would lead to one of the most sought-after needles on the market, and a world first, the Interchangeable Straight Needle.

Our Innovative Products

The Interchangeable Straight Needle would just be the start, with a market in need of fresh ideas, HiyaHiya’s vision of innovation and quality was embraced by knitters and yarn stores alike. Our products have been critically acclaimed by various bloggers and vloggers across the world, with many choosing HiyaHiya as their preferred brand over our competitors.

Our knitting range comes in three varieties; bamboo, steel, and sharp, each offers a unique experience that can accomplish a wide variety and comprehensive range of patterns and designs. These can be combined with our illustrious range of accessories that have been designed with the knitter’s experience in mind, ensuring a comfortable knit.

Join The Revolution

Retailing HiyaHiya products is incredibly straightforward and easy. Registering a trade account takes less than a minute, and after we’ve approved your account, you can begin your own HiyaHiya revolution!