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HiyaHiya’s extensive product range of knitting needles includes DPNs, Fixed and Interchangeable Circular Needles and our unique Interchangeable Straight Needles. Our needles and interchangeable tips are available in strong, resin-injected  bamboo, stainless steel and sharp, which is perfect for precision work. Superbly smooth joins between our interchangeable cables and tips add to the professional finish of the needle for a quality knitting experience.  

We also stock crochet hooks in acrylic, aluminium and nickel-plated; providing the right hook for the job every time! Meanwhile, our vast range of accessories are perfect for every knitter’s stash bag, providing all those extra tools to make any knitting or crochet project a real success!  

Our thoughtful gift sets will ensure that your customers can come away with a truly special HiyaHiya knitting experience. Gift sets are available for our interchangeable needles, crochet hooks, DPNs and accessories and all come in one of our beautiful trademark brocade cases.

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The HiyaHiya Interchangeable Range

This range is extensive and we aim to highlight its exceptional versatility, by explaining how different combinations can be created using the interchangeable products available. The interchangeable range is unique in that it offers both circular and straight needle options.

Interchangeable Tips

Available in 4" or 5", tips are available in steel (2.75mm-10.00mm), sharp (2.00mm-10.00mm) and resin-injected bamboo (2.75mm-10.00mm). These can be used with the Interchangeable Straight needles and Interchangeable Cables to create a wide range of knitting possibilities. 

Interchangeable Circular Knitting Needles

To use circular interchangeable needles, HiyaHiya tips and cables are combined to make needles which are suitable to different types of work. These are divided into three size groups, miniature (sock), small and large. The miniature and small cables have small, light screw connections whilst the large cables feature chunkier screw connections.

Miniature sock cables fit miniature sock tip sizes: 2.00mm, 2.25mm, 2.50mm (Sharp only)

Small cables fit small tip sizes: 2.75mm, 3.00mm, 3.25mm, 3.50mm, 3.75mm, 4.00mm, 4.50mm and 5.00mm.

Large cables fit large tip sizes: 5.50mm, 6.00mm, 6.50mm, 7.00mm, 7.50mm, 8.00mm, 9.00mm and 10.00mm.

Cables are available from a 16”/40cm length up to a 60”/150cm length.

Keyless screw-in connections ensure that the tips simply screw in to the cables to form a seamless join – so no snagged yarn! Swivel Cables prevent the tips from unscrewing and the knitted piece from twisting.

Interchangeable Straight Needles

These needles are sold as a pair (inclusive of Panda Li stopper ends), to allow any HiyaHiya interchangeable tips to be used as straight needles. The needles come as stainless steel shafts, with an adjustable length from 6” to 10”, plus 4” or 5” tips (sold separately). The shafts are available in stainless steel only, in small (to fit tip sizes 2.75mm to 5mm) and large (to fit tip sizes 5.5mm to 10mm).

Interchangeable Accessories

HiyaHiya’s Interchangeable Accessories complement and enhance the versatility of the basic interchangeable range of tips and cables.

Cable Connectors allow the knitter to create a longer cable length by seamlessly joining shorter cable lengths together. These are available in small and large sizes, to fit small and large cables.

Needle Grips are used to tighten the screw connections, especially on the small tip and cable combinations. Please note these are sold separately, but are also included with the Cable Connectors, Cable Key and Needle Grip set and gift sets.

Cable Stoppers allow the knitter to secure knitting on a cable when removing tips. These are available in small and large sizes, to fit small and large cables.

Tip Adapters complement the use of interchangeable straight and circular needles They are sold as a pair and are available in small and standard sizes. The small size allows the knitter to connect small tips to miniature cables and the standard size means knitters can fit large size tips to small cables or small interchangeable straight needle shafts. A good alternative for the odd project requiring large size tips, without the added cost of purchasing extra cables. They are compatible with all HiyaHiya interchangeable tips, cables and accessories. Use in any combination to swap between circular and flat knitting as needed. This product is a new innovation and an ‘industry first’ and so is unique to HiyaHiya.

Cable Keys are a great tool for tightening cables to tips, especially for miniature tips, by using the lifeline hole to ensure a seamless join between the components.

The HiyaHiya Fixed Circular Range 

The fixed circular range comes in steel, sharp and bamboo. The tips are fixed seamlessly to the smooth, flexible cable. Measured from tip to tip, these are available from a 9”/23cm length to a 60”/150cm length, depending on the tip size required – from a tiny 0.7mm tip to a 10mm tip. The 9”/23cm fixed circular needles are a great alternative to DPNs for knitting socks, hats and mittens.

HiyaHiya DPNs

The range of HiyaHiya DPNs come in steel, sharp and bamboo. The steel DPNs are available in 6" and 8" from a 0.70mm to a 7.50mm tip. The sharp DPNs are available in 6" and 8" from a 2.00mm to a 10.00mm tip. The bamboo DPNs are available in 5", 6" and 8" from 2.00mm to a 10.00mm tip.

HiyaHiya Crochet Hooks

Our crochet hooks are available in acrylic, aluminium and nickel-plated. With plenty of colours and combinations, from nickel-plated hooks suitable for intricate lace work to our bright and chunky glitter acrylic hooks, there’s a perfect crochet hook for everyone with HiyaHiya! Acrylic crochet hooks are available in 12.00mm and 15.00mm, aluminium crochet hooks are available in 2.00mm to 10.00mm and nickel-plated crochet hooks are available from 0.50mm to 2.10mm. Crochet hooks are also available in bundles. 

HiyaHiya Accessories

HiyaHiya’s range of ingenious accessories prove hugely popular and add a fun touch to any knitting project. Available in appealing colours and designs, they are designed to be useful and practical to ensure knitters have all the tools that they need. The range includes a Panda Tape Measure, Animal Snips, Darn-It Needles, Cable Needles, Knitter's Safety Pins, Locking Stitch Markers, Sheep and Classic Needle Gauges, Classic Point Protectors and Yarn Ball Stitch Markers. Many accessories are also available in bundles. 9% of sales from the Pink Knitter's Safety Pins and Pink Yarn Ball Stitch Markers will go to Breast Cancer Care. 

HiyaHiya Gift Sets

HiyaHiya's sets are a fantastic starting point for both retailers and their customers. Each set contains a pre-selected range of the most versatile needle sizes, presented in a stylish brocade storage case. By offering cables, tips and accessories for sale separately as well, customers are able to customise their set by purchasing additional items as needed. There is space in each case to accommodate these. Gift Sets include Interchangeable Sets (in Standard and Premium), Ultimate and Ultimate Plus Sets, Pinnacle and Pinnacle Plus Sets, Sock Sets (including the Interchangeable Sock Set, 9" Combined, Standard Sock Set and Knit & Go Set), DPN Sets (Standard, Combined and Combined Plus), Crochet Sets (Ultimate, Aluminium and Nickel-Plated), Magic Loop (in bamboo and sharp) and Accessory Sets. Many of the cases and bags are also available to purchase separately.

HiyaHiya Retail Starter Packs  

Our Retail Starter Packs provide our retailers with a selection of HiyaHiya's very latest products, including our fantastic accessories! We tailor our variety of starter packs to offer the most popular of HiyaHiya products, which your customers are sure to love! A fantastic and cost-effective way to retail HiyaHiya, the Retail Starter Packs are available in Accessory, Crochet, Bamboo and Mixed.