10 Hiyahiya Accessories You Might Not Have Tried But Definitely Should!

Did you know HiyaHiya sell over 30 different types of knitting and crochet accessories?
Here are just some of the many accessories that you might not know you need in your life.

standard tip adapter

1 – Tip Adapters

These tip adapters are a great way to make your interchangeable sets even more versatile. Two varieties are available; standard and small, meaning you can use larger Interchangeable Tips on small or miniature Interchangeable Cables respectively.

2 – Knitter’s Safety Pins

coloured safety pins square - Copy
Tired of your hard work snagging or pulling your stitches when you remove your safety pins? These are the ideal solution. Designed specifically with knitters in mind, the shape of these pins means they won’t catch or snag on your yarn. Each pack of 12 is available in assorted colours or all in pink set.

3 – Animal Snips

These little tools are perfect for on-the-go knitting. With a safety cap and a keychain these can be clipped onto your bag or even your HiyaHiya lanyard! Available in a variety of cute animals and fun colours. What’s not to love?

4 – Stitch HoldersStitch Holders

An absolute essential tool for any knitter! These stitch holders have multiple uses such as switching your knitting to new needles or saving an arm/neck hole. These stitch holders come in a set of three sizes; 2”, 3” and 5”. Add one to your HiyaHiya accessory case today!

lanyards hiyahiya

5 – HiyaHiya Lanyards

Did you know that HiyaHiya have their own branded lanyards? Our brand new product is ideal for holding your animal snips or Panda Li Click-its. Available in bright white or pale blue.

6 – Panda Cable Stoppers5060347285954-small-panda- stoppers

These cute little pandas are a really cute little aid for your interchangeable knitting. Screw these onto your interchangeable cables or straight needles to protect your knit while you change your tips. Available in small or large sizes to fit all varieties of HiyaHiya cables.

Pink flower dumpling case7 – Dumping Cases

The pretty little cases are a wonderful option for storing your stitch markers or other accessories. In a variety of brocade designs, these snap-close cases are a great addition to any knitter’s collection. The cases are also available in a set with pink or coloured yarn ball stitch markers.

yarn ball stitch markers

8 – Yarn Ball Stitch Markers

These are an ideal accessory for those who don’t like counting stitches. These bright yarn balls fit perfectly on any needle size and help ensure that you never loose track of your stitches again. These sets come in a variety of colours or all in pink and include 6 per pack.

notions9 – Notion Tins

These lovely little branded tins are a great place to store smaller notions such as Needle Grips or Point Protectors. Available in a variety of colours these tins can be purchased on their own or in a set with a variety of different accessories.red accessory case.jpg

10 – Accessory Cases

What are all these accessories if you have nowhere to store them? These beautiful brocade cases are big enough to store all your accessories, needles, hooks and much more. Available in a variety of colours and styles these are an ideal gift for a knitter or crocheter.

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