5 Best Free Crochet Patterns June 2022

Summer summer summer! Summer’s here!!! We here at HiyaHiya Europe are very excited for the heat and holidays. What better thing to do chilling by the poolside than crochet?! That’s why we’ve found five crochet patterns to make for the summer.

Before you start creating, here’s what we suggest to use for all your crocheting:

  • The HiyaHiya Crochet set comes with 17 aluminium and acrylic crochet hooks, ranging in sizes from 2.00mm to 15.00mm. Wrapped in a beautiful brocade fabric case, this makes for a great travelling set as well! 

1.The first pattern we’ve got from @Drops Design is a colourful crocheted bag. This gorgeous bag is made with a 5mm crochet hook and a variety of yarn colours, so go wild!


2.This next pattern from @Drops Design is for your adventures in the great outdoors! This rug pattern is perfect for all your garden patio BBQs or to take camping. Made with a 8mm crochet hook, this pattern requires tripling up on strands of yarn.  


3. This crocheted top pattern by @Drops Design is the perfect little crop top for summer. Made from a bunch of granny squares, this pattern requires a 3.5mm crochet hook.


4. What could be cuter than this next pattern? This children’s crocheted bag design by @Drops Design is full of colours and fun! So pick up a 3.5mm crochet hook and some colourful yarn to start crocheting this bag!


5. One thing that screams summer is yoga by the beach. I mean, what sounds more relaxing than having the waves crash next to you while you meditate and stretch? This crochet yoga mat cover by @Drops Design is perfect for carrying your yoga mat to the perfect beach destination. All you need is some chunky yarn and a 5mm crochet hook.


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Have fun knitting!