7 Best Free Knit Sock Patterns

Who doesn’t love a good pair of socks?? Since the summer months are still upon us, not many of us want to be knitting jumpers, scarves, or beanies. That’s why we here at HiyaHiya Europe have found these FREE knitted sock patterns for you to make!

1. The first knitted sock pattern simply called ‘Basic socks’ by @Comfort Zone Knits are true to their namesake! Knit in the round, these basic socks require just the basic knitting materials, so it’s perfect for anyone looking into learning to knit socks.


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  • HiyaHiya sharp flexible DPNs (flyers) and the HiyaHiya sharp fixed circulars are perfect for knitting socks since they have the sharpest tips on the market, making it easy to knit smaller stitches. I recommend the flexible DPNs over normal DPNs since they can bend, which means you can use two flyers instead of four regular DPNs – this helps keep your project tidy and neat!


2.  The next pattern by @Laura Moorats is called the ‘Colour palette socks’ and they are super customisable. Choose your favourite colour palette and start making these socks! It’s also the perfect sock pattern to make if you’re trying to use up scrap yarn.


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3. These ‘Socks in a cinch’ by @Laura Jones is another simple pattern perfect for beginners in sock knitting. 


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4. Next are the ‘Hop skip a jump socks’ by @Ainur Berkimbayeva. They are the perfect pattern if you want to make matching socks for the whole family! Sizes available vary from toddler to adult large.


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5. These ‘Abalone socks’ by @abeeinthebonnet (on Etsy) are inspired by abalone shells with the pinks and whites, and eyelet patterns. 


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6. The ‘Thrift bloom socks’ by @Lisa Schuette are a vintage dream! Knitted in an easy-to-remember lace pattern, these beautiful and delicate socks are the perfect pattern for intermediate knitters.


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7. Lastly are the ‘Caramel in the pocket socks’ by @Knitail/ Derako. Knit from cuff down to the toe, this is another simple sock pattern.


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Have fun knitting!