Beth Crochets Big Orange Hat

Hiya Hiya Crocheters! I am back with my latest attempt at learning to crochet a big, orange hat. I was recommended this easy crochet hat pattern by Jonna Martinez, this video is extremely easy to follow, and I recommend it to anyone learning to crochet.

The pattern only requires chain (CH) and half double crochets (HDC) to complete, which is brilliant for a newbie like me.

Using my HiyaHiya 7mm crochet hook, and some ‘Stop stealing my pumpkin’ super chunky yarn by Countess Ablaze, I started by chaining 27 stitches.

By working into the 3rd chain, it’s simply half double crocheting every stitch. On the first row, I crochet into both loops, but from the second row onwards, I HDC into the back loop. This is something I’ve seen mentioned in magazines and videos before, but never really got. Yet this video showed it clearly and now I understand. Once you get to the end of your row, Chain 2 before turning and working HDC all along the row. 

This row needs to be completed 24 times in total. Once completed you are left with a rectangle of crochet that resembles a rib stitch to me. I, however, doubted this square would fit around my head and added four more rows. BIG mistake. I now have a super cosy, yet ridiculously oversized, hat.

Next, I folded the rectangle in half and single crochet (SC) the two sides together forming a tube. Using HiyaHiya Puppy snips, I cut off a long tail (measuring twice the width of the hat) and sewed into the end of each ‘ribbed’ row so that I could pull the yarn and cause the tube to gather at one end, creating the hat shape.

Once this was all done, weaved in my ends and I had a new hat!

What I loved most about this pattern is how quick it took. A big, orange hat of this size with the same wool and sized needles would take me about 3-4 hours. With crochet it barely took two! I’m already planning the next one I’m going to make, I may even film it for our YouTube channel.

Thank you Jonna Martinez, this has helped my confidence crocheting!