Beth Crochets Hand Warmers

HiyaHiya Crocheters. I’ve been practising my crochet skills, especially since the change of the weather. I wanted to make some hand warmers. It was especially nippy in the office today, and I didn’t really have the time to knit some gloves.

The two main ways I’ve found to make them are ‘in the round’ or flat. As I wanted to make them custom to my arms, I decided to give in the round a go.

Sorry if my terminology is wrong onwards from here. I still muddle my knitting terms with crochet, so bear with me.

I used ‘Black Parade’ Super chunky merino by Countess Ablaze for this project. Choosing a HiyaHiya 7mm crochet hook I chained 20 stitches. I measured this by wrapping it around the part of my hand I wanted it to start from.

I single crochet for 4 rounds. To create a thumb hole, I chained four stitches. I picked up my work (in single crochet), five stitches along from when I made the chain.

I Single Crochet for four rounds. Followed by a round of single crochet three, single crochet two together. This left me with 16 stitches.

The warmer was finished by four more rounds of single crochet. I would have liked to have made them longer. However, I was worried about how much yarn I had left for the second warmer.

I was so preoccupied with creating something new, I forgot to write what I was making. So I had to work out how I had made the first hand warmer. This is something that I can easily see in my knitting, and have struggled with crochet. However, I finally understand crochet! Well, at least the basics.

It took me about 40 minutes to make both warmers. And I have been wearing them all day (our office gets really cold). The only problem now is that I have to make a set for everyone in the building!