Beth Crochets Learning Amigurumi

HiyaHiya Crocheters! That’s right. I’ve finally been teaching myself to Crochet. I’ve been able to make granny squares in the past and have made a couple of lap blankets, but I didn’t really understand the difference in stitches, and I didn’t follow a pattern. I’ve always wanted to learn amigurumi, so I grabbed a set of HiyaHiya crochet aluminium hooks from the warehouse and sought out tutorials.

I found this awesome tutorial on YouTube by Knit Grit. Thank you Codi for this video, as I found it a brilliant introduction to amigurumi, and after a few years of trying to learn through kits and books, it finally clicked! Here is a photo of my first attempt before the puppies ate him.

Combined with a few free crochet magazines we have in the office, I’ve learned how to read basic patterns. After a good look around Ravelry, I’ve been practising different pokemon (Ditto and Diglett below) and after finding several Perry the Platypus patterns I adapted this one below.

I’m currently working on this little Halloween devil, Adapted from this Bat Pattern. I just need to work out some horns, and potentially wings.

The HiyaHiya hooks are ideal for practising with. The aluminium come in sizes 2mm to 10mm. We have two larger sizes in acrylic, and for smaller intricate work we have our Nickel-Plated range They also come in some beautiful sets

I think next on my To Crochet list are the following, but I am up for suggestions if anyone has any!