Beth Knits Kitty Key Ring

Hiya Hiya knitters! This is a quick key ring knitting pattern I love to do when I have no major projects on the go. You can use left over yarn and is easy to pop in your bag for knitting on the go.

It usually takes me about an hour to make one, and it can be scaled up or down easily to create a larger or smaller kitty.

To make the Kitty key ring I used:

HiyaHiya Flyers in size 2.5

Kitty Snips

Panda Tape measure

Darn It needles

I first started by casting on 8 stitches onto my HiyaHiya Flyers. I shimmied 4 stitches onto the 2nd needle and began knitting in the round.

Using Hiyahiya Flyers

Smooth knitting with the Flyers

The increase part of the pattern is to KFB K1, until you have 30 stitches. Then I knit st st until it measures 2.5 inches. If you are used to DPNs you should get used to Flyers quickly. I just love the flexibility of them, meaning you require one less needle. That flexible cable part also holds the stitches nicely as you work.

I then Cast off and sewed his face.

You can create your Kittie’s face however you wish. For this one I sewed it with my ‘Darn it’ needle but have used buttons in the past, you can get creative.

I then sew the top flat, and sew a single stitch in the top of his head and pull it down to create the ears.

You can keep it as a little plushie, or do as I do and sew on a key ring to the back and you have a Kitty Key ring!

The finished Kitty Key ring

The finished Kitty Key ring

If you give this pattern a go, or use any of our products I would love to see your work! Tag Hiyahiya Europe on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Ravelry.

Beth x