Beth Knits The Scarf Backup Project

Hiya Hiya Guys! I don’t know about you but I am ready for autumn! Sunny, breezy days with all the autumnal colours. Halloween! Chunky knitting! I’m an impatient knitter. And since I love to produce things in a short time, chunky projects are ideal. With super heavy yarn and 10mm needles, knitting scarves, hats, and blankets only take an hour or two to complete (compared to the usual higher times).

In between all the projects I have going at the office for our YouTube channel. I’ve been trying to find mini projects for the random balls of thick yarn we’ve had sent in.

Whilst waiting for videos to render and upload, and the inevitable computer updates. I have been making this scarf.

Grabbing the set of 7mm bamboo interchangeable needles, I happen to have in my pen pot I cast on 20 stitches. For blankets and scarves, I prefer using circular needles as I find the shorter needles easier to work with, whilst the extra length of the cable holds my stitches easier.

HiyaHiya bamboo interchangeable tips

I knitted in a double rib stitch pattern, skipping the first knit of each row, then knitting into the back of the last stitch of each row. This is an easy way of keeping your edges tidy (Thanks Mum for that tip!). I quickly passed the length needed for a cowl. So I’m now on my way to a scarf the 4th doctor would be happy to wear!

I’m still debating to keep it to shades of blue, or mix up some other colours. As we have a lot of different colours in my yarn box, I will see how it goes.

yarn cowl scarf

But as I’m sure we’re all guilty of doing, I am thinking of all the other things I can make with this yarn. Cardigan is at the top of my list at the moment. Do any of you have any ideas? Any preferred chunky cardigan patterns?

Bring on the colder weather and chunky knits!