Beth Knits Twisted Headband

HiyaHiya Knitters! It is getting close to that time of year when the woolly headbands come out and I love it! Whether Its for skiing, sports or just keeping your hair out of your face this is a quick easy knit.

My favourite yarn that we purchased from Countess Ablaze was Fridge Raider – The Space Cadet – Super chunky Merino & Stellina. Purple is my favourite colour and as I may have mentioned before ( a few hundred times) I love all things autumn, and this yarn is the perfect mix of purple and burnt orange.

I wanted to make something else from it and I should be able to get two or three headbands from the remaining yarn.

Just getting started on the headband

Using a set of 8mm bamboo interchangeable tips, I started by casting on 8 stitches, but you can adapt the width to whatever size you like. As this is chunky yarn you can easily make a really thick headband.

I knitted (K) every stitch (G St) for 9 inches. I then transferred 4 stitches onto a third needle tip, although you can use stitch holders or a Cable Needle.

Mid Twist

Knit the 4 stitches remaining on your original needles, and then knit into the 4 stitches held on the third cable. This will create a twist in the centre of the headband. My apologies if the photo doesn’t make this clear enough.

Sewing up

Then it’s another 9 inches, cast off. Sew the ends together and you have one stretchy, warm autumnal headband! Its such a simple pattern that can easily be modified. You can add increases and decreases either side of the twist to make it bigger. You can make it in stocking stitch but it would have less stretch to it, or you can create a neater border by alternating to garter stitch at the ends.

The finished Knitted headband

If you give this a go, let me know! Tag #HiyaHiyaEurope.