March's Blogger of the month

This month we had a chat with Inga Skeie and asked her some questions about herself and her Knitting Traditions YouTube channel. Inga is a 27-year-old Doctor from Norway and has her own monthly podcast where she keeps all of her subscribers up to date with all of her knitting adventures! Check out her YouTube channel here:

So I guess the first question should be why did you start Blogging?
I had moved to a tiny village of 1-2k people to work as a primary care doctor for six months, I was quite isolated living inside a renovated barn with no one my age to interact with when I wasn't working, plus "you know what" (referring to COVID) made making new friends difficult so I decided to give it a go. I really loved knitting podcasts on youtube and had no idea if there was room for another but I figured I could always just delete it if it wasn't any good. 

What inspires your work?

 Beautiful colours and garments that I want to wear myself. Instagram and podcasts give me a lot of inspiration but I usually start with the yarn and then find a pattern or make something up myself.

How has HiyaHiya helped with your work?

It has made it a lot easier to knit with difficult yarn. Since the tip is so pointy I'm always able to grab the next stitch without splitting it and without too much tension with unspun yarns.

What is your favourite or your "go-to" HiyaHiya Product?

The interchangeable needle tips! Love to be able to change needles and cord lengths easily. 

What projects are you working on at the moment and what are your plans for the future?

I am currently working on The Anson cardigan and the hush pants, both using my wonderful hiya hiya sharps. My plans for the future? Knit with all the beautiful yarns, I have acquired several new nylon-free yarns that I want to make socks with. I also have many new beautiful cones I want to knit with. Do I need more sweaters? NO. But I still want to knit more.

Lastly, who or what do you draw inspiration from for your work and designs? Are there any designers or fellow bloggers you admire or have been influenced by?
Usually, items I want but can't find patterns for, so I make it up myself to fit my needs or suit my yarn. I think all the podcasters I watch have influenced both pattern choices and yarn acquisitions, for example, Heather and hops, Crea Bea, Stress knits, Phylena knitting podcast, Fiber tales, Melody Hoffman… the list goes on.

Thank you Inga for taking your time to sit down and talk with us, it's always great to get to know our wonderful HiyaHiya knitters and learn more about the how and why they love to knit! If you would like to watch Inga in action head over to her YouTube: or check out her Instagram: to keep up to date with all of her knitting antics!