Have You Tried Our Crochet Hooks?

HiyaHiya is well-known for its exceptional interchangeable knitting needle range. Beneath the amazing knitting range, accompanied with indispensable accessories, lies another astonishing product – HiyaHiya’s Crochet Hooks.

Our crochet hooks come in acrylic, aluminium or nickel-plated, providing a diverse range for different projects. The acrylic crochet hooks come in a 15.00mm or 12.00mm tip size, perfect for a larger stitch. The aluminium and nickel-plated crochet hooks come in much more intricate sizes, with the nickel-plated crochet hooks capable of incredibly delicate work with tip sizes ranging from 0.5mm to 2.10mm.

hiyahiya crochet hooks

by Little Yarn Friends

What makes HiyaHiya’s crochet hooks so remarkable is their innovative design that ensures no difficulty in your hooks or snags in your yarn. The tip is semi-rounded to help the user to glide easily from stitch to stitch.

HiyaHiya Europe offers a wonderful range of bundles and sets to complete your crochet journey, with bundles that include all three of the different styles to really diversify your creations. The ultimate crochet set will even provide you with every HiyaHiya crochet hook, meaning every project can be achieved.

crochet set hiyahiya

Ultimate Crochet Set

If you need a second opinion, check out the review of our crochet hooks at the Little Yarn Friends, and see how she made Panda Liu come to life with amigurumi!

To begin your next amigurumi project, check out our crochet range by clicking here.