Favourite Free Patterns February 2021

HiyaHiya Europe favourite free patterns February 2021
HiyaHiya Europe favourite free patterns February 2021

Well, February is almost over, and I have spent it adding to my WIP pile. I haven’t made much progress on my Patchwork Drops Jacket, but I have enjoyed this time making new projects.

The first is my finished Acacia Cropped sweater by hooked on Tilly. This is the first big project I have attempted with crochet, and I am really happy with how it turned out.

Unfortunately, the yarn I wanted to use was a heavier weight than the one in the pattern, so with a few adjustments, I managed to make a decent sweater that is really snug and warm.

I added a few rows to make it longer, due to personal preference, which was easy enough to edit due to the simplicity of this pattern.

However, in my edits, I did make the neck a bit too wide. It is more of a boat neck. I may rework this in the future, but for now, I am happy with this sweater. It has been brilliant to throw on top of whatever I am wearing on some of the colder days we have had this month.

Acacia sweater, and HiyaHiya ultimate crochet set.
Acacia sweater, and HiyaHiya ultimate crochet set.

You can watch my making of the next two patterns on our YouTube Channel.

The first being the soap saver bag by drops design.

By popping your soap inside of this bag, it can act as both a body scrub (Tawashi) and a way to use up every little bit of soap you have left.

This was a fun and simple pattern to make. Perfect for new knitters who would like to practice their yarn overs (YO). 

As this is knitted flat, it is up to you which needle to use for it. I used our HiyaHiya interchangeable needles to make this, but you could also use DPNs, straights, fixed circulars, or flyers.


Soap saver bag
Soap saver bag

The other pattern which you can find on our YouTube channel is the waste yarn scrunchie by Katharina Philana Rindtorff.

As is suggested in the title, this is an ideal project for scrap yarn, and anyone looking at stash busting.

This pattern is easily adjustable to different weight yarns and sized tips and is knitted flat, making it a perfect beginner project.

I used HiyaHiya bamboo flyers to make this scrunchie, and I have included a tutorial on how I use them in our YouTube video covering this project. 

Waste yarn scrunchie, Bamboo flyers and accessories.
Waste yarn scrunchie, Bamboo flyers, and accessories.

A cute pattern I stumbled across on Pinterest is the over the moon ornament by Clotilde Dhenaut.

I remember spotting this pattern a couple of years ago when I was brand new to crochet and in all honesty, it baffled me.

But with the past year of practice, I quickly grabbed my HiyaHiya aluminium crochet hook and made this little moon within 20 minutes.

It is currently sat on my desk, along with all my other little crocheted creations. 

I may make a few of these as keyrings or hanging decorations for my fellow selenophile friends.

Over the moon ornament
Over the moon ornament

The last free pattern I wish to highlight is the Animal Crossing leaf coaster by Belinda makes things.

I required a photo for the cover of our ACNH themed board on Pinterest and loved this pattern. It is a speedy make, however, I did lose some confidence at the rounds where its shaping began. But as long as you follow the instructions you will have something like the image below when you have finished.

This pattern is free on their website, but you can purchase the pdf for $1.50 if you wish to support them.

Animal Crossing leaf coaster
Animal Crossing leaf coaster


If you try any of these patterns, please let me know. I would love to see what you make!

If you have any suggestions for patterns I can make in the future please send me an email.

Hopefully next month I will be able to update you on a test pattern I am currently making for The Knit Yorker. As with most test knits, this has been a lot of fun to participate in, and I can't wait for it to be available for you all to buy.

Until next time, happy knitting and crocheting! 

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*at the time of writing this blog, all patterns linked are free to download on Ravelry.