Five top DIY knitted gifts for Father’s Day

There are two types of gifters in the world: the buyers and the makers. Buying might save you time and effort, but ultimately your dad, husband, brother, uncle, or boyfriend is going to appreciate a handmade gift more! 

With Father’s Day just around the corner, we’ve got some fantastic K.I.Y (knit it yourself) gifts for men. 

1. Knitted Straight Tie

This Knitted Tie is a great look for any dad on Father’s Day. You don't need to be an expert in order to master this free knit pattern. In fact, this knitted tie looks so good, your dad will wonder why he ever bothered buying ties from the store. With so many ways to style the easy knit tie, this free pattern is a no-brainer.

Pattern published by Scissors & Sage

2. Rib Knit Socks

The Men's Twin Rib Knit Sock Pattern is a quick and easy knitted sock pattern you or any man in your life is sure to love. These nice and neutral socks feature a twisted rib cuff, contrasting slip stitch heel, and stripes on the cuff and toe. The soft and cosy yarn will feel so nice on your feet – especially when the weather turns colder.

Pattern published by Beadknitter Patterns

3. No.1 Dad Coaster

Nothing says ‘you’re the best, dad’ like these cosy Father’s Day coasters, including these three special messages! 

Pattern published by Deramores

4. Golf Club Covers

If your father is passionate about golf and you want to surprise him with something truly original, then look no further than these handmade knitted golf club covers.

Pattern published by Craft Drawer

5. Java Jerkins

Having kids is a tough job, and so one may need the odd coffee to come to the rescue. These little Java Jerkins are a fashionable and comfy way to show your dad how much you appreciate the times he is awake!

Pattern published by Knitting in the rain

You’ve got two days to get these knitted and do remember to tag us in your attempts on Instagram or Facebook!

Dads, have a wonderful weekend!