Gift Ideas for Knitters

Buying a gift for a knitter can be tough and, as Christmas is just around the corner, you may have been wrecking your head to figure out what would be a perfect gift for that loved knitter in your life. Whether it’s for Christmas, or a birthday, or any other special occasion, here is our selection of some amazing gift ideas for knitters.

1. Knitting Needles

HiyaHiya Knitting Needle Interchangeable range

Not all knitting needles are the same. That would usually mean intensive research to find the right needle. Fortunately, we’ve done that for you and it’s always HiyaHiya! The interchangeable range offers the flexibility every knitter needs, including the ability to change from circular to straight knitting. The tips and cables are combined to make needles which are suitable for various types of projects and come in three different ranges – steel, sharp-steel and bamboo. Have a browse on these much-loved needles here. 

2. Knitting Accessories

HiyaHiya Knitting Needle Accessory Set

Knitting accessories such as stitch markers, darning needles and stitch holders are such an integral part of being a knitter. With many gift ideas for knitters incomplete without accessories, the Accessory Set is a perfect solution as it comes stacked with lots of accessories,  all combined in a traditional Chinese brocade project bag.

3. Project Bag

HiyaHiya Knitting Project Bag

The Project Bag isn’t just great for storing accessories, but also fabulous for carrying balls of yarn to various places. It also helps a knitter to work on their projects without their yarn continuously rolling all over the place. This project bag is perfect for a day at the beach or even while waiting for kids on the school pick up.

4. Alpaca Tape Measure

HiyaHiya Knitting Alpaca Tape Measure

A tape measure is a necessity for a knitter as it’s used to determine the gauge and measure sizes of the finished project. This 60” (150cm) Alpaca tape measure comes in two styles. It is auto-retracting and is made of sturdy fibreglass.

5. Dumpling Case

HiyaHiya Dumpling cases knitting accessories

Notions such as stitch markers, stitch holders and darning needles inadvertently seem to disappear as soon as you put them down. After drawing up all your gift ideas for knitters, you’ll need a place to store them! HiyaHiya’s cute, decorative dumpling case is made of beautiful brocade in vibrant colours and lined with silk, providing a perfect storage place for all those loose notions. Not only will any knitter appreciate such luxury, but they will also be grateful to have a place to keep those notions safe.