Hiyahiya Europe Won T Leave You Lonely This Valentine S

Today is either one of the most anticipated or one of the most dreaded days of the year. Whether you’re involved in a blossoming romance or you’re enjoying the single life this year, HiyaHiya Europe has found some knitting and crochet patterns for you to put your heart into.

tiny rose pattern valentines day

by Anna Hrachovec

For some reason, the face looks like Baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. However, this adorable little rose is much more delicate, and is the perfect way to spend your Valentine’s Day with a little self-love. The designer recommends Knit Picks Palette yarn in red and green, but of course the colours are up to your own artistic impression! A HiyaHiya Sharp Double-Pointed Needle with a 2.25mm tip would be the perfect tool to begin your new romance.
tiny rose valentines gift
Not to condone this sentiment, but if you’re feeling particularly romantic this year, then you can put your little flower groot in a small gift-box. HiyaHiya Europe is not responsible for your partners reaction should you attempt this gesture, so proceed with caution. You can also knit up a bouquet in a rainbow of colours for someone special, your only boundary is your own creativity.

little heart pattern valentines

by Susan B. Anderson

Hearts are a bit of a staple at Valentine’s and you can’t really escape them. Unfortunately, HiyaHiya Europe won’t be your safe space from them by revealing these delightful little patterns. Barrett Wool Co. has a selection of yarns that will be perfect to stitch your own heart into your world. HiyaHiya’s Bamboo Combined DPN Plus Set will be ideal to wear your heart on your sleeve and knit as many of these as you can muster.

voodoo doll pattern valentines

by Susan Claudino

If you’re heartbroken this year and feeling slightly vengeful, we at HiyaHiya Europe won’t condone you knitting this voodoo doll but we won’t stop you either. The designer recommends a bunch of different yarns, including; Dancing Dog Dyeworks Waltz Worsted, Bohemia Fibers Boheme DK, Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Tonal, and GnomeAcres 100% Superwash Merino WoolHiyaHiya’s 40 inch Steel Fixed-Circular is the perfect way to begin your revenge, with the tip size dependent on the yarn you choose. Now in a position to do some unfortunate things to a former lover, try and have a little mercy!

lovebot pattern valentines

by Rebecca Danger

With the way technology is advancing, Louie the Lovebot won’t be so uncommon in the future. Louie is programmed to love you and stitched to meet your own specifications. The designer suggests Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Bulky to engineer your new friend, and HiyaHiya’s Acrylic Crochet Hook with a 5.50mm tip is the perfect spanner to tighten the bolts.

hot chocolate and biscuit pattern

by Amigurumi Food

Not in the mood for romantic knitting? Don’t let Valentine’s ruin your normal day and put your feet up with a cup of hot chocolate. The designer recommends either Red Heart Super Saver Solids or Red Heart Soft Solids & Heathers to warm up your belly in the evening. HiyaHiya’s Aluminium Crochet Hook with a 2.50mm tip is ideal to craft this delicious hot drink and forget about your Valentine blues.
However you’re spending Valentine’s Day, HiyaHiya Europe is here for you. Check out all our knitting needles and crochet hooks and spend the day indulging in yourself by clicking here.