HiyaHiya Europe’s crochet guide. Acrylic, aluminium and nickel-plated.

HiyaHiya Europe crochet hook guide.
A range of HiyaHiya crochet hooks

Interested in learning to Crochet? Or wondering if you should try some new hooks to improve your crochet skills? 

With so much choice when it comes to crochet hooks, it can be hard sometimes to work out what is the best for you. Whether you are new to crochet, looking for your first hooks, or an experienced crocheter looking to change it up, our guide is here to help.

HiyaHiya Aluminium crochet hooks
HiyaHiya Aluminium crochet hooks

Aluminium crochet hooks.

Making up most of our range is our Aluminium crochet hooks. These colourful, super smooth tapered hooks are perfect for all projects. They are extremely well balanced and lightweight, creating little to no strain on your arms when working.

They are available in size 2mm to 10mm, ideal for working with most yarn weights. From lace all the way through to super bulky.

HiyaHiya have colour coded them by size, making it super easy to find which hook you need for your project.

You can shop the full range of our aluminium hooks here.


HiyaHiya Europe Acrylic Crochet hooks
HiyaHiya acrylic crochet hooks in 12mm and 15mm

Acrylic crochet hooks.

The two largest crochet hooks HiyaHiya has to offer is its 12mm and 15mm acrylic crochet hooks. These tapered hooks are ideal for super bulky and jumbo yarns. They also add an extra sparkle to your crochet hook range, with their bright glittery design.

You can purchase our acrylic hooks here


Nickel-plated crochet hooks.

These are the smallest range of crochet hooks HiyaHiya has to offer.

Ranging from 0.50mm to 2.10mm, these metal hooks are ideal for working with lace and thread weight yarns. They have a tapered point and are made from a light yet sturdy material.

You can purchase our Nickel hooks here.

HiyaHiya crochet hook range
A selection of HiyaHiya crochet hooks

If you are one of our retailers, you can also buy these hooks in bundles. When you purchase HiyaHiya products in bundles, you buy seven for the price of six!

If you are wanting to purchase any of the items I have mentioned in this blog, you can do so by heading to our stockist page, where one of our official retailers will be able to meet your needs.

If you are interested in becoming a HiyaHiya Europe official retailer, you can do so by registering here.

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