HiyaHiya Europe’s guide to knitting needles: bamboo, steel, or sharp?

Interested in learning to knit? Or wondering if you should try some new needles to improve your knitting skills?

With so much choice when it comes to knitting needles, it can be hard sometimes to work out what is the best for you. Whether you are new to knitting, looking for your first needles, or an experienced knitter looking to mix it up, our needle guide blogs are here to help.

In this week’s blog, I will be covering the different materials HiyaHiya Europe has to offer when choosing your knitting needles.



These needles are typically the most popular option for knitters. Bamboo tends to be one of the cheapest and most practical options. Used by knitters worldwide of all levels of experience, you will struggle to find a knitter who doesn’t have bamboo needles in their collection.

The very nature of the material means that they are warm to the touch, which is a brilliant option for knitters with reduced dexterity. This material is also grippier than its metal counterparts, which means you can be more relaxed when knitting. Your stitches are less likely to slide off the tips without you noticing, and your hands do not have to strain as much to hold them.

One of the benefits of purchasing HiyaHiya’s Bamboo range is that they are resin-injected for additional strength and durability. This also helps to prevent warping and splintering, which can occur in both traditional and laminated bamboo needles over time.

You can purchase HiyaHiya DPNsinterchangeable tips, fixed circulars and flyers in bamboo.


The next most popular needle material is metal. This is typically one of the heaviest options for needles and they are usually made from aluminium. However, HiyaHiya always has strived to design its needles with the thought of knitters with reduced dexterity in mind.

HiyaHiya’s high-quality stainless-steel tips feature a hollow construction to make them lighter than alternative metal needles. This also makes for a strong and sturdy needle, which is less likely to bend or break like other metals.

These are typically used by knitters with more experience as they allow your stitches to glide smoothly along the needle, with little to no friction. This is also why they are a staple for a speedy knitter’s needle collection. They work beautifully with all weight yarns but you can really feel the difference when working with high-quality yarns.

You can purchase HiyaHiya DPNs, Interchangeable tips, Fixed circulars, and Flyers in stainless steel.

Sharp Steel

Often referred to as the highlight of the HiyaHiya collection, our sharp steel range is arguably the sharpest range of knitting needles you can buy.

These are made from the same high-quality metal as our stainless-steel range, but with a more tapered tip. Creating a fabulously pointed needle, perfect for lighter weight yarn and more intricate stitches.

These tend to be used by more experienced knitters, as when we say sharp, we mean sharp. However, if you are interested in perfecting your sock knitting skills, these come highly recommended by knitters worldwide.

You can purchase HiyaHiya DPNs, interchangeable tips, fixed circulars, and flyers in sharp stainless-steel.


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