Hiyahiya S History Of Knitting Knitting With The Stars

You might know about some modern-day knitting marvels such as Ryan Gosling, Julia Roberts and Kate Middleton, but did you know the stars have been caught knitting on (and off set) for a much longer time?

One acting icon you wouldn’t usually associate with knitting is Audrey Hepburn, an extremely beloved and talented actress, who also left a legacy of great humanitarianism. It turns out Ms. Hepburn was also a fan of knitting, and was often photographed with a pair of needles and her next great project in hand.

Audrey Hepburn
Another knitting phenomenon was Cary Grant, who had to knit for his role of Joe Adams in the 1943 film Mr. Lucky. Another character instructs Grant’s character on how to knit, and he takes up the craft with perseverance. Following this scene, jokes about knitting are used throughout the film and the line from a distracted Joe, “I dropped my purl” is definitely one we can all relate to!

Cary Grant
This next couple you might associate more with politics, particularly striking up a New Deal or campaigning for human rights, but could you imagine FDR with a pair of knitting needles in hand during his famous Fireside Chats? A photograph was captured of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt knitting together on their wedding day, and what says love more than a shared passion for craft?

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