Ever Wondered How Hiyahiya Bamboo Knitting Needles Are Made?

The incredible experience you have with your HiyaHiya Bamboo Knitting Needles starts from humble beginnings. The exceptional quality isn’t a coincidence, with innovative technology designed in-house, ensuring every bolt and screw is scrutinised by our team in the manufacturing department.

Whenever HiyaHiya releases a new product, the ingenuity begins right from the machine used. Often new manufacturing equipment needs to be designed to produce the new product; an indication of our insistence for perfection. This includes every individual mold, designed in-house to ensure the exceptional standards are maintained for every single needle.

In the video below, you’ll notice the complexity that goes into even the smaller machines. This dedication to quality is what drives the fantastic experience our customers have with our products, inspiring us to continually innovate for years ahead.

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