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Love for HiyaHiya is universal and our products have inspired incredibly beautiful creations from our highly innovative fans. Join our passionate community today by following our Facebook group and discuss all your knitting and crocheting with like-minded fans!

To celebrate our HiyaHiya Europe crafting community, we’ve selected a few examples from our members who have knitted or crocheted a treasure with our amazing HiyaHiya products.

cardigan hiyahiya

by karolina.b.knitting

No need to wrestle in the bustling shops of your local market when you can knit yourself some stylish new clothes. Only HiyaHiya needles can produce something of this amazing quality, and quite frankly, all our wardrobes will be getting a shake up with our own knitting ingenuity after seeing this cardigan.

blanket hiyahiya

by Edith Bos

Surviving the cold wintry months is hard enough, let alone without your HiyaHiya needles. Whether it decides to snow, or whether it prefers to hail up a storm, there’s a blanket for everyone and who better to knit the perfect blanket than a HiyaHiya fan with HiyaHiya knitting needles!

Even when a project isn’t quite complete, a garment looks both unique and stylish. The exceptional quality of HiyaHiya’s bamboo knitting needles easily glide their way through the yarn, ensuring a relaxing but productive time for the knitter!

Sometimes we gingerly go from one project to another without ever completing initial garment. Thankfully, with HiyaHiya, that problem is solved. Our crochet hooks are of a superb quality, you’ll be spicing up your creations in no time.

And if that isn’t enough crochet, we have even more! HiyaHiya Europe’s products never lose their quality, with years of delight and splendor. Now with our new tote bags, you’ll be able to take your knitting and crocheting everywhere.

If you have any delightful creations knitted or crocheted using HiyaHiya products, join our community and let us appreciate it by clicking here.