Meet Feinmotorik, The Extremely Talented Hand Knitter And Blogger!

Our Instagram friend, @feinmotorik.blogspot, has been using HiyaHiya needles for the past few weeks to create the beautiful Earnest Cardigan. HiyaHiya Europe was lucky enough to get the inside scoop on Julia’s finished project, which is being presented today!
We felt so privileged to be get the exclusive on the Earnest Cardigan that we wanted to find out some more about Julia and her knitting inspirations and obstacles, so continue reading to see what she had to say.

Can you tell us about the Earnest Cardigan you’re currently knitting. How are you finding the pattern? How are you finding using HiyaHiya needles with it? Are you excited for the end result?
I like the Earnest Cardigan by Joji Locatelli so much because he is subtle and chic. The cable pattern and the scarf collar fit perfectly together and are exactly my style. As always, I also make modifications – I knit the main part in stockinette stitch. The HiyaHiya Sharp needles are perfect for this cardigan, because I need very sharp needles for the cable stitches.

(You can read all about Julia’s process of making the cardigan on her blog).
What inspired you to start knitting and crafting?
Even as a child I liked to craft. About four years ago I wanted to learn to knit. But less to knit clothes or shawls than the meditative occupation of my hands. And now, I have lots of self-knitted shawls, hats, dresses and cardigans and love wearing them.
Where would you say you find inspiration for new projects?
There is only one word to say: Ravelry. I could spend hours scrolling through Ravelry and want to knit 1000 projects. And, of course, my knitting girlfriends and Instagram.
Other than knitting, what craft do you enjoy the most?
I like to craft cards for birthdays, weddings and so on. I use different techniques like iris folding, stitching cards or origami.

Do you have a favourite item that you’ve ever knit?
This is a very difficult question. My favourite shawls I’ve ever knit are The Miller’s Daughter and the Drachenfels by Mairlynd. And my favourite dress is my Travellers Tunic from Joji Locatelli.

Do you have a favourite type of stitch?
Yes! I love, love, love two colour brioche. It’s so soft and squishy. And there is no wrong side. That’s awesome.

What are the most common obstacles you come across when knitting and how do you overcome them?
There is never enough time which is a problem I can’t solve. But, I always work on just one project at a time so I can finish the current project in the foreseeable future and there are not hundreds of started and unfinished projects around me.
What are your favourite type of knitting needles?
Definitely circular needles. I try to knit everything with circular needles.

What are your favourite HiyaHiya needles and why?
My favourite HiyaHiya needles are my 5″ Sharp needles, because they are very sharp and so light.

What is your favourite HiyaHiya accessory and why?
The little butt-Pandas. They are so cute!
Do you have any other exciting new projects in mind?
Of course! There is a gradient dress, an owlie dress and a lot of hats in mind. Winter is coming!
What else do you like to do in your free time? 
Playing with my little son. He is the sunshine in my life.

If you’re as impressed by Julia’s crafting as we are and would like to see more of her fabulous creations, head on over to her social media pages:
Instagram: @feinmotorik.blogspot
Facebook: Feinmotorik