New Lanyards And Tote Bags From Hiyahiya Europe

HiyaHiya Europe is continuing its innovative legacy with some new products to revolutionise your knitting like never before. From this moment forward, you’ll never miss a stitch, never forget your patterns, or never miss a moment of knitting again. Welcome new lanyards, and a HiyaHiya Europe exclusive, new tote bags to encourage you to knit and crochet like never before.

The lanyards come in both white and blue, and are designed to clip onto your Panda Li Click It row counter. The strap has the adorable panda icon that HiyaHiya is known for, a symbol of the high-quality you associate with our brand. Now with your Panda Li Click It row counter attached to your lanyard, you’ll never have to miss a count again!

The Panda Li Click It row counter itself is a product you can’t knit without, and it’ll be sure to keep you hooked on your favourite patterns for the rest of your knitting life-time. The Panda Li Click It is a sturdy gadget in the trademark panda design with a handy loop to attach to your new HiyaHiya lanyard.

tote bag final
If you planned on carrying more than your Panda Li Click It with you, then HiyaHiya Europe has a solution to your problems. With HiyaHiya Europe’s new stylish Tote Project Bag, you can take your knitting and crochet on the go, and never miss a moment from your patterns again.

The new Tote Project Bags features a blue brocade design with the HiyaHiya logo on one side, and the other side remaining plain. The bag contains two inside pockets, one perfect for holding all your patterns to prevent creasing, and the other for storing all your hooks and needles, perfect for all your knitting adventures.

The Tote Project Bags are made from natural canvas fabric, which is biodegradable and sturdy, ideal for many years of use. With the environment a serious issue worldwide, HiyaHiya Europe’s new Tote Project Bags are sustainable and environmentally-friendly, so a completely guilt-free product!
You can find both these new projects, plus the full-range of HiyaHiya Europe’s products when you click here.