New Year, New Yarn.

New Year, New Yarn

With the New Year upon us we know they’ll be plenty of new knitters out there looking for inspiration for their first project.

We also know that looking at a basket of yarn and knitting supplies can be daunting, so we’ve put together a list of some (relatively!) quick and easy beautiful projects to get you back into the swing of knitting!

1. Mug Rugs

Oftentimes your first attempt at knitting will be just that – knitting the knits. This pattern is here to help you practice your basic knit stitch. Adding tassels to the edges creates a lovely, fast project that would also make cute gifts for friends and family. You might as well make something useful out of the practice!

2. Blanket 

Naturally having learned the simple knit stitch you’ll want to start either a bigger project, a new skill, or both. This pattern allows you to expand to knits and purls, aka the seed stitch, alongside mixing different coloured yarns together. We absolutely love the neutral shades they have chosen here but the real joy of a blanket like this is each one is bound to be truly unique dependant on the colours chosen by you.

3. Seed Stitch Infinity Scarf

The infinity scarf is a timeless necessity for the cold winter months and now you’ve mastered your seed stitch you can graduate yourself to taking up new equipment. In this case, the Snugglery is using a fixed circular to ‘knit in the round’. Once started you really don’t need to think about the pattern, we find the simplicity of alternating between the knits and purls super relaxing.

4. Crochet Slouchy Hat

Having tried your hand at knitting, you may wish to delve into the realm of crocheting. Widely known as a little simpler in technique due to the use of only one tool – the crochet hook. This example from Sewrella proudly states it can be finished in 30 minutes – perfect for a last-minute present!

5. Rib Ridge Dishcloth

Our final pattern for you might come as a surprise – a dish cloth. We overlook necessities in the house so often, but with this simple pattern for ‘advanced beginners’ you can throw out your ugly old dish clothes in favour of beautiful, bespoke mini pieces of art!

We want to thank all of the artists who have given us permission to share their patterns and photography with you, we hope that they inspire you as they did us.

Lastly, if you find yourself making one of these beautiful pieces be sure to tag us on Instagram @hiyahiyaeurope so we can admire them!