Beth Knits Patch S New Dog Cowl

Hiya Hiya everyone! My name is Beth and I’m the newest member of the HiyaHiya family. I have been knitting for 6 years and crafting all my life. I found this chunky dog cowl pattern on and though it would be perfect for our office dog Patch. He’s a spry 14 years old, so once I popped this on him he dozed off for his afternoon nap.

The tools I used to make this Cowl were:

iyaHiya panda tape measure. HiyaHiya 9mm sharp interchangeable needles. HiyaHiyalarge 60cm cable. Dog cowl.

The final cowl, with HiyaHiya interchangeable needles, Sleepy Kitty Snips and Panda Tape measure

I love how simple this pattern is. She explains how to calculate your cast on clearly. This meant I had the numbers I needed to get knitting in a matter of minutes.

I found the sharp steel tips comfortable to use. They held my stitches tightly without making it hard to knit my next stitch.

I cannot stress how important it is to use the cable key and needle grips. These little accessories are key to tighten the tip onto the cable. Just using your hands won’t lock it tight enough. You will find the tip unscrews as you work. But after using the needle grips I had no issues.

Example of needle coming loose

This is what will happen if you do not use the needle grip and cable key to tighten the tip to the cable.

I love how my work doesn’t catch on the cable joint, unlike previous circulars I have used. This made for some speedy knitting, and 40 minutes later I was casting off. I then used the Sleepy Kitty Snips to cut the yarn. These little scissors are perfect to pop on your keys. Patch was enjoying his dog cowl in no time.

Patch the dog in his new cowl

Patch looking cosy in his new cowl

Thank you Rochelle BaRoss at TheBrokeDog for this cute pattern. Be sure to check out our Instagram and Facebook for more examples of people using our products to make amazing things!