Product Spotlight Animal Snips

One of the many things HiyaHiya does better than any other knitting brand are adorable accessories. Not only are our accessories of exceptional quality, they are essential for the completion of your latest project. Animal snips, for all their cuteness, are definitely one of the most essential accessories out there, especially if you don’t like loose thread hanging around.

HiyaHiya animal snips come in four different creatures, ensuring there’s a snip for every personality. There’s the puppy snip for dog lovers, the kitty snip for cat lovers, the sleepy kitty snip for even more cat lovers, and the octopus snip for the quirky people that love something a little more unusual. Don’t let their cuteness fool you, these snips are of incredible quality, with sharp blades that cut a loose thread cleanly.

“Such cute snips! Really tiny, they fit inside my small notions tin that I carry, are TSA compliant, and are small enough that you could add them to a necklace for snipping on the go!” Review by Ellie R.

As with all our accessories, the animal snips are available in bundles. The assorted animal bundle has a selection of all the different critters, while there are also bundles for each specific animal just in case the knitters in your store have a preference. The bundles always come in seven at the price of six, so it’s a great way to get more products for your money.

HiyaHiya animal snips

Animal snips are the perfect accessories for the upcoming Spring and Summer. They’re small and have a chain attached so they’re easy to take on-the-go and knit wherever you wish without the disappointment of a loose thread.

“Bought the Octopus Snips as a gift and she loves them. I also have the Kitty Snips. They cut the yarn just fine.” Review by Karen.

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