Product Spotlight Cable Connectors

There has been a sharp increase in the interest for cable connectors so far for the month of March. If your shop doesn’t stock this vital accessory yet it’s probably worthwhile investing in to increase the knitting options for your customers.

cable connectors with needle grips

HiyaHiya cable connectors join two interchangeable cables together to create a longer interchangeable cable. They come in a pack of two which also includes two needle grips that are essential for tightening the joints. The large connectors join large cables together while the small connectors connect small cables together.

“The two small grippers allow great tightening of the joints to the needles and other sizes of cable. Cables coming off the needles are a scream producing moment when your hard work slips into a confusing mess, especially when you are in the middle of fine lace work and lose your place trying to pick the stitches up. The connectors allow a greater variety of cable lengths. adjusting a bit at a time as your project grows. Very happy knitter here.” Review by Montysmum.

The screw-on connections allow for a snag free joint that won’t ruin your customers’ hard work – happy customers will always return to your store. The cable connectors only connect with HiyaHiya’s interchangeable cables, ensuring the premium quality of HiyaHiya is found in every stitch.

cable connector bundle

The cable connectors with needle grips are also available as a bundle. All our bundles come in packs of seven for the price of six; it’s a fantastic way of saving money long term. Our cable connectors are also found in most HiyaHiya interchangeable sets.

“Perfect product for the purpose. Just helps to grip for a secure join between the cables and tips with the small connectors you can join cables together to make different lengths to those supplied without buying extra cable.” Review by HMP.