Product Spotlight Chunky Interchangeable Set

Whether you’re a beginner learning with thick yarn and chunky needles, or whether you want to knit some thick blankets or cosy jumpers for those chilly evenings, the HiyaHiya Chunky Interchangeable Set is ideal for you.

Chunky Interchangeable Set

What the incredible HiyaHiya Chunky Interchangeable Set contains.

Available in bamboo, sharp, and steel, the HiyaHiya Chunky Interchangeable Set comes with an 8mm, 9mm,and a 10mm tip, the perfect tool for those chunky yarns. All our large interchangeable cables are included, with lengths of; 16″, 20″, 24″, 32″, 40″, 47″, and 60″. That’s not all, the set also comes with the most essential accessories. These include; sheep needle gauge, stitch holders, yarn ball stitch markers, animal snips, needle grips, and a tape measure, each necessary to perfect the chunky pattern into something you can be proud of. All these amazing products come wrapped in a beautiful HiyaHiya brocade interchangeable case, with various different patterns that there will be the perfect one just for you.

As a seasonal product, the Chunky Interchangeable Set also comes with one of our unique autumn badges. These include the ghost Panda Li badge which is an adorable HiyaHiya Halloween limited edition item. Our badges are perfect decorative pieces for your HiyaHiya Tote Bag, which is an environmentally friendly bag ideal for carrying around all your yarn and needles.

Chunky Interchangeable Set

Our three limited edition autumn badges, available with the HiyaHiya Chunky Interchangeable Set.

Now that autumn is on the horizon, chunky needles will become an essential tool in your knitting backlog. If you haven’t yet used our chunkier needles, we have various tutorials on our YouTube channel with some delightful patterns that only take a few hours to complete. You can check out a hat pattern using our chunky needles below:

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