Product Spotlight Crochet Hooks

Summer weather is now on its way and so many knitters will be switching to crochet. HiyaHiya offers a fantastic range of crochet hooks, individually or as a set, that are perfect for your store. Don’t miss out on the seasonal changes and find out why HiyaHiya crochet hooks are ideal for your store.

hiyahiya cases

They come in acrylic, aluminium, or nickel-plated. Our acrylic range is for larger yarns, with sizes in both 12mm and 15mm. The aluminium and nickel-plated crochet hooks are perfect for intricate crochet, particularly with nickel-plated range which goes down to 0.5mm.

“These hooks are wonderful! Nice, sharp point, but not so much they’ll snag yarn, and good swiping power to pick up yarn. Comfortable to hold, effective to use. Couldn’t be happier!” Review by Shira Jamie Catelinet.

As mentioned previously, all our crochet hooks are available as sets. The largest, the ultimate crochet set, comes with every HiyaHiya crochet hook, That means a crocheter will have a hook for every possible pattern! The crochet hook set comes with all the aluminium and acrylic crochet hooks, while the nickel-plated crochet hook set is self explanatory!

Best of all, HiyaHiya crochet hooks are of fantastic value and high-quality. They have a smooth tip that prevents snagging and are designed to fit a wide variety of hand sizes. Aluminium crochet hooks come in a a rainbow of colours dependent on the size.

“Great hooks! Light weight, well-balanced. Gave as gift to my friend who is particular about her hooks feel and she loves them! I liked using mine so I shared it with her & that is why I got her two.” Review by Denise.

With warmer weather just around the corner, you will want to have the right stock for your shop. To find our more, please click here.