Product Spotlight Needle Gauges

Most knitter’s end up with a diverse range of knitting needles as their confidence knitting an array of different patterns increases. With so many knitting needles coming in many different sizes, the need for a needle gauge increases. Fortunately, HiyaHiya has the solution in both the Classic Needle Gauge and the adorable Sheep Needle Gauge.

needle gauges

Now has never been a better time to add Sheep Needle Gauges to your store. Right now, they are 47% off, with the singles priced at £1.00 and the bundle at £6.00. The bundle itself comes with an extra Sheep Needle Gauge free, so your store will never run out of these essential accessories.

” I love this gauge!! It’s thick enough to be sturdy, but is still lightweight. It covers the smallest size (6-0) through size 11, then odd sizes on up to size 19. If you’re using metric sizes, just flip the gauge over to read the sizes in millimeters. It’s got the sizes compactly arranged, all in a cute little sheep whose head doubles as a convenient handle. I bought two, one for my niece and one for me.” Review by Lady Bug.

Our Classic Needle Gauge remains a firm favourite among knitting enthusiasts. They come in either pink or blue in a handy square shape that easily fits into an accessory case. Both needle gauges are easy to transport around, allowing the knitter to use the correct knitting needle on the go. If you can’t decided between the Classic Needle Gauge or the Sheep Needle Gauge, the Assorted Needle Gauge bundle is perfect!

needle gauges

There’s also no need to worry if you’re based in Europe or the US. Both styles of needle gauges have metric sizes on one side and imperial sizes on the other. HiyaHiya’s needle gauges are sturdy and will last for years to come, ensuring knitters will never have to worry about using the wrong needle again.