Product Spotlight Notion Tins

With so many HiyaHiya accessories vital for your latest knitting pattern, having somewhere to store them really organises your abundance of knitting essentials. A notion tin is the ideal solution to storing all those loose knitter’s safety pins or locking stitch markers, keeping your knitting accessories tidy and out of harm’s way.

hiyahiya notion tins

HiyaHiya’s Notion Tin Bundle.

HiyaHiya notion tins are made from a sturdy aluminium that ensures your accessories are safe from damage or getting lost! Its lightweight and portable size makes it perfect for taking your accessories on the go. They measure 6cm x 4.5cm x 1.5cm so have plenty of room to spare.

“Lovely little notions Tin, with lovely little pandas inside, end stops and needle stops, arrived very quickly and well packaged. Would definitely recommend. Very happy thank you” Review by Anonymous.

If you have yet to try out our amazing accessories, many of our notion tins come with various different accessories. HiyaHiya accessories are essential for ensuring the full experience of HiyaHiya knitting, allowing the knitter to enhance the premium knitting needles to another level. The notion tins that include accessories already inside them are ideal for any customer looking for certain accessories.

hiyahiya notion tin locking stitch markers bundle

Notion tins also can be bought with amazing HiyaHiya accessories already inside.

Notion tins, including those with various accessories inside them, all come in bundles too. Bundles ensure you save money by receiving seven notion tins for the price of six. This is a fantastic way to stock up your shop with HiyaHiya while cutting costs.

To find out more about the notion tins and all the amazing variations they come in, please click here.