Product Spotlight Panda Li Click It

Nothing more frustrating than getting your numbers in a jumble. Particularly when knitting your most ambitious project yet and you miscount a stitch and have to backtrack. Fortunately, true to HiyaHiya’s reputation, we have a solution that won’t let you miss a beat! Meet Panda Li Click It.

HiyaHiya Panda Li Click It

Made from sturdy plastic in the trademark HiyaHiya panda design, this click-it row counter also has a handy loop for attaching a lanyard. The lanyards are available in white with our classic panda logo, and blue with the panda holding a blue sock to match. The mobile phone clip allows the lanyard to conveniently be attached to the row counter.

“I like my little panda so well I’ve bought one as a gift for a crocheting friend. It is a little stiff to click over which I count as a plus – no accidental roll-overs! The ears make for a great hold area when rolling the ticker back, the loop at the base has enough room for a thick line (here’s where I admit I made a seed-beaded lanyard for my panda). It is a robust and adorably cute item – I take my smaller crochet WIPs with me when out and about and it has proved a fun conversation starter when sitting in wait rooms.” Review by Bianca Gunn.

For your next pattern, this handy little panda is essential. Not only will it save you time from restarting your project but also ensure the completed pattern is as close to perfect as it could be. To find out more about the HiyaHiya Panda Li Click It, please click here.