Product Spotlight Panda Tape Measure

Accuracy is essential in knitting. Whether you’re designing a new jumper or knitting a scarf, the HiyaHiya panda tape measure is the perfect companion for the job.

hiyahiya tape measure

The tape is auto-retracting and the casing is made from sturdy fibreglass. The tape measures 60″ and includes both inch and centimetre measurements. The HiyaHiya tape measure is available in fun colours and features our trademark Panda!

“A compact 2 inch diameter retractable tape measure. Great size to keep in your knitting or handbag. Tape has a 60 inch/150cms plus your 2 inch case maximum measuring length. Press button for a quick glide retractable action. Pull the tape out to your desired length and the tape stays in place until you retract it which is so convenient. Tape sits happily in the palm of your hand leaving you free to make adjustments to garments etc without having to continually drop and pick up the tape for remeasuring. The tape itself is soft and if you pinch it it holds its mark for long enough to move your reading across but then smooths out. Smooth and comfortable case to hold in white with a cute panda figure for decoration. To sum up this is a quality, sturdy and comfortable compact tape measure to use which I highly recommend.” Review by haflingersrgr8.

Our panda tape measures are available in singles or as a bundle. All bundles come with seven for the price of six. to find out more, click here.