Product Spotlight Point Protectors

Let’s be honest, what makes HiyaHiya needles so special is their sharp point that allows the knitter to produce some incredibly intricate patterns. Naturally, a sharp point can hurt if the needle is left unattended and exposed to accidents. Fortunately, HiyaHiya has some incredible point protectors that protect both the knitter and their project from damage.

hiyahiya panda point protectors

HiyaHiya’s panda point protectors are our most popular point protectors for a good reason, they’re adorable! Not only are they in the shape of cute panda bears but they fit comfortably on every needle, protecting the knitter from the sharp tip. They’re available in large and small, with the large fitting from tip size 5.50mm to 10.00mm and the small fitting from 2.75mm to 5.00mm.

“I adore these. They are incredibly cute and also perfectly functional. Cannot recommend highly enough.” Review by Sarah Honeychurch.

The Classic Point Protectors consist of two sets of useful point protectors to fit most common knitting needle sizes and are perfect for assuring your needle tips are protected. One pair is in green (large) and another is pink (small) and both are included in every pack.

classic point protectors

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