Product Spotlight Project Bag

By now, you’ve probably been enjoying your favourite HiyaHiya needles in the comfort of your warm home, while the wintry winds blow across the European continent. With endless projects and patterns to start, storing all your needles and yarn while your move around in a busy world can itself be a dilemma. Fortunately, HiyaHiya’s Project Bag is the perfect solution.

hiyahiya project bag

Available in three distinct colours and patterns, the Project Bag allows the knitter to express their unique personality and style, all the while ensuring their knitting is mobile for the modern world. The Project Bag can easily hold a 100g ball of yarn, knitting needles, and a pattern; although the Project Bag can be used to hold anything you wish!

“I bought this specifically for my sock projects and it’s perfect. It just about fits my DPNs and 100g ball of wool, and there’s a zipped bit for storing small bits like stitch markers. It had a zipped top so no matter how much it tumbled about in your bag, the contents stay safe. I love it for those times when I want my knitting about my person but have to stash it away for travelling. You can hang it over your wrist by the nifty zip handle too. I got a green one and as well as being functional, it’s also very pretty. It’s not big enough for full size straight needles but perfect for sock projects.” Review by DebM

The bag comes with a zippered handle which moves freely to any position. It is fully lined and features an inside pocket and HiyaHiya’s signature brocade material. The choice of three colours includes a peacock pattern in purple or green, or a rose pattern in red. All three are elegantly beautiful, carrying the same quality that you get from your HiyaHiya Needles.

hiyahiya project bag

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