Product Spotlight Sample Packs

As a business, you might be curious about HiyaHiya products and what they can do for your store. It’s likely your customers have asked whether you plan on stocking HiyaHiya but you haven’t experienced the brand yourself and you’re wary of committing to a large order. Fortunately, HiyaHiya Europe’s new Sample Packs are perfect for trialling our products and witnessing the amazing quality in first person.

bamboo sample pack

Sample Packs come in a variation of different HiyaHiya products that showcase everything you need to know about HiyaHiya products. They contain the following:

1 x 5″ Interchangeable Tip 4mm (Bamboo, Sharp, or Steel)
1 x 16″ Fixed Circular 4mm (Bamboo, Sharp, or Steel)
1 x 8″ DPN 4mm (Bamboo, Sharp, or Steel)
1 x Small Interchangeable Cable 32″/24″
1 x Miniature Interchangeable Cable 24″/26″
Animal Snip
Needle Grips Cable Key
Small Interchangeable Tip Adapters
Sheep Needle Gauge
Cable Needles
FREE Tote Bag

There are three Sample Packs to choose from; bamboo, sharp, and steel. Each come with the same basic set-up, which is designed so each item interacts with the others. For instance, the Tip Adapter can be used so the tip will work on both cables. It is possible to ask for different sizes of tips, just leave a note on your order!

steel sample packs

The accessories in the pack are a diverse range of unique items that we know you and your customers will adore. The Needle Grips and Cable Key are used to tighten and loosen the Interchangeable Tip from the cables, while the Sheep Needle Gauge is adept at measuring the size of the tip. There are also Cable Needles and an Animal Snip that will really enhance your knitting.

Also, if you make an order over £300 after buying a Sample Pack, we will reimburse you the price of the Sample Pack, as well as still being eligible for the 10% discount and free shipping on your first order. For further information and to order your sample pack, click here.