Product Spotlight Sharp Fixed Circulars

Winter is here and it’s only going to become more severe as we approach closer to February. While you’re no doubt snuggled up with a hot drink, waiting for the first dew of Spring to arrive, the cold weather does bring some fantastic opportunities to knit round projects such as socks and HiyaHiya Sharp Fixed Circulars are perfect for making those cosy socks a reality.

HiyaHiya Sharp Fixed Circular

Our high-quality stainless-steel is tapered at the point to create sharpness that’s ideal for intricate patterns. These tips are hollow in the centre to ensure a lightweight feel that is effortless for the knitter to glide from stitch to stitch. The tip sizes are available from 2.00mm to 15.00mm, providing an array of possibilities for the knitter.

“This has now become my favorite needle for knitting socks using the Magic Loop method. The needle is wonderfully sharp and pointy for getting into those tiny stitches. The cord doesn’t twist up, and the joins are the smoothest I’ve seen yet.” Review by Mirjam Weiss.

These incredible sharp stainless-steel tips are seamlessly joined to a flexible cable, with the joint so smooth that snags are only a problem for knitters who have yet to discover HiyaHiya! The cables are made from a durable nylon that can cope with long-lasting projects,

sharp fixed circulars

HiyaHiya Sharp Fixed Circulars are available in lengths as small as 9″ which are perfect for sock and baby clothes knitting, all the way up to 40″ which are ideal for large projects. The needle length is measured from tip to tip, so includes both tips and cable.

“I love these needles! I have multiple 2mm sets for sock knitting. I’ve tried karbonz/addi turbo/symphonie but these are my favourite!” Review by E Badger

If you’ve yet to try our Sharp Fixed Circulars then there’s never been a better time to introduce them to your customers. The Sharp Fixed Circulars are one of our best selling products and knitters all over the world, once tried, never go back to any other brand. Try them today by clicking here.