Stash Buster Projects

My favourite time of year is here!

This morning I stepped out of my house, and was delighted by the fact it was cold enough to see my breath. I love Autumn!

Time for all the scarves, hats and thick socks. This is the time of year I am most driven to make and create things, so why not try and tackle my yarn stash at the same time.

Half of my yarn stash
Just a bit of my home yarn stash

I have a gorgeous red scarf I picked up on holiday a few years ago, that doubles up as a blanket due to it being so massive! 

It is made from a light weight yarn, and is simply garter stitch. So I figure why not make another, using up some of the many balls of Majestic Double Knit yarn I have in my stash.

I grabbed my Bamboo Standard Interchangeable Set, choosing the 5mm tips on a 26” cable, and just cast on until it was as wide as I wanted it (Now counting it is 62 stitches wide). 

I am just going to garter stitch until it is a couple of meters long.

HiyaHiya Europe Standard Bamboo Interchangeable Set

It has been a while since I have knitted something so simple, so it should be a fun ‘at my desk’ project to pick up whilst videos are rendering/uploading.

I have only knitted a couple inches so far, but it got me thinking about Stash Buster projects. 

I have recently cast on the ‘Bed for a Pet’ pattern by Barbara Nalewko using some of the big stash of DK yarns we have in the office.

So far that project is going really well, and at the half way point has used 9 balls of sample yarns.

Bed for a Pet project
Just before the first purl round

I would love to know what your go to stash buster projects are? Join the conversation on our Ravelry group.