Top Knitting Blogs - August 2021

It may be true that the internet is filled to the brim with knitting blogs, knitters websites, social media pages and Youtube channels, but which ones are worth following? We’ve put together a little list of some of the best pages, channels, blogs, & vlogs on the web today!

1. Knitted Bliss by Julie

This crafty mum-of-two helps knitters and crafters get inspired by sharing modified knitting projects, round ups of craft ideas and recipes and reflections on the crafting life.

2. Sockmatician by Nathan

As a maths geek, I love numbers. Numbers are always constant and super easy to understand. That’s why Nathan from Sockmatician has made the list. Well, that and the fact that his super colourful approach to creating patterns for men who love to knit is breathing life into a new generation of male knitters! Make sure you go and buy his book - Guys Knit - a Haynes manual that is becoming THE reference guide for beginner knitters.

3. A Really Good Yarn by Julie

Julie is not only the author and creator of this incredible blog, but also owns the incredible Needle Emporium store - a one-stop-shop for some of the best yarns in Canada!

4. Kiwiyarns Knits by KiwiPurler

New Zealand is the land of hobbits, world class rugby, jaw-dropping landscape, and of course some of the best yarn manufacturers in the world. So it should come as no surprise that we’re featuring an incredible New Zealand-based blogger so soon into our list. 

5. Craftsmumship by Lorelei

Knitting is impressive, but have you ever tried knitting, raising kids, baking incredible cakes, being a craft goddess, crocheting, and inspiring hundreds of people with great ideas and patterns all at the same time? Somebody give this woman a medal!

6. Vickie Howells Blog by Vickie Howell

Heading back to the USA now, we’re in love with this next blogger. Well, we say blogger. Actually, Vickie is a craft expert, an author, a designer, and the founder of the subscription box business YarnYAY!. Not to mention the TV work she does in the DIY world.

7. Queer Joe by Joe

As a company that supports the LGBTQ+ community, we love Joe's blog. Not only is he knitting incredible things, he also discusses LGBTQ+ issues on this sensational blog. Good job Joe!

8. Knitwits & Yarns by Brendan Girak

A self-confessed knitting addict, Brendan started knitting to help keep his anxiety at bay (how relatable is that?). Now he’s one of the most recognisable male faces in knitting. And by faces, of course we mean those gorgeous patchwork jumpers he creates. We’ll take one in a large please, Brendan!

9. Stitch & Purl by Svenna

Svenna moved over to the UK from Germany over a decade ago, and has since created the wonderful Stitch & Purl blog, alongside an awesome Etsy store which you can view here.

10. Small Things by Ginny

Sometimes we all need to slow down and savour the small things, and that’s exactly what Ginny has created with Small Things. She even sells yarns, alongside other items, on her online store!

11. Little Drops of Wonderful by Ali

Moving into the world of world-class vloggers, we have Little Drops of Wonderful - the articulate and endearing ramblings of the lovely Ali. Ali loves crocheting, knitting, and crafting, and has a YouTube channel full of how-to’s that you should check out now!

12. VeryPink Knits by Staci

Who better to get some ‘purls’ of wisdom from than an actual knitwear designer and knitting teacher? From the basics right through to full tutorials, this is not one to miss out on!

13. HappyBerry Crochet by Laura Eccleston

From cute little crochet patterns creating dolphins, ice-creams, and mushrooms, to knitting and crochet tutorials, Laura has got it sussed out. And with over 130,000 members already reading her blog and over 800,000 subscribers on her Youtube channel, it begs the question - why haven’t you started crocheting with Laura yet?

14. Odd Knots & Threads by Daniella

Daniella is not only a super-talented Indie Yarn Dyer, but also has a colourful, deep, and just plain gorgeous Instagram page, with lots of regular updates, product highlights, and in our opinion is a must follow!

Honourable mention time. 

Obviously we couldn’t have a list of our favourite bloggers, vloggers, and social knitting legends without mentioning this next one… Made With Love by Tom Daley

From the entire team here at HiyaHiya Europe, we want to offer a huge congratulations to Britain's craftiest Gold Medalist! After years of being a national treasure, Tom has now finally got that much deserved gold. Well done Tom - enjoy the needles we’ve sent you!

Have we missed anyone you would’ve liked to have seen included? Make sure you get in touch for the next blog post we do and we’ll get some more up!