Yarn Store of Month - Crafty Llama

A brand new Yarn Store of the Month is here, and this time we’ve gone back to the UK with the one and only Crafty Llama. We put our set of questions to Pam at Crafty Llama to get an inside look into what it means to be a Crafty Llama.

  • What was the inspiration for opening Crafty Llama?

Knitting and crocheting became a much more popular hobby during lockdown and I jumped at the opportunity to start a business doing something I love! 

  • How popular is knitting/crochet in the Norwich area?

As a city, Norwich is full of young art students and craft shows/markets. As most places are probably finding that people spent more time at home, they needed something to fill the time - what better way to do that by knitting? Crafts such as knitting and crochet are also becoming more popular; a lot of fashion items you see today are crocheted crop tops or chunky knit cardigans. So it makes more sense for people to learn a craft and make their own clothing. 

  • Since opening, how far has the business developed?

As a business we have reached some amazing corners of the world such as Australia and India with hundreds of people also ordering from America and Europe. It is amazing to know that no matter how far away you are, Crafty Llama can be found.

  • What is the secret to your success?

A lot of what makes a business bloom is passion. You need to love what you do and do what you love! Of course the other thing is patience. Not everything will blow up overnight, you will make mistakes over and over again. But this is how you grow as a business owner and learn what works and what doesn't.

  • How has HiyaHiya helped your business to flourish?

Since our launch in August 2020, HiyaHiya has been a huge help with delivering excellent customer service and amazing quality knitting products. Not only are they a helpful team of enthusiastic individuals with my never ending questions, but they are also on time with every delivery.

  • What do you love most about your line of work?

Reading through reviews and seeing people enjoy our products is a real pleasure. Crafts have and always will be a part of my life, so seeing others discover knitting is truly inspiring. The people I work with on a daily basis make each day different and exciting. 

  • What trends do you see happening in the craft industry in the future?

I can definitely see younger generations coming into the knitting/crocheting community. With fashion prices always on the rise it has become more trendy to make cute knitted crop tops or oversized jumpers. I think that with lockdown, especially more men and younger people, there will be more people enticed into the world of crafts. Whereas a few years ago it was quite unheard of to find a man knitting. I'm so glad that we as a population are becoming more welcoming and less judgemental.

  • What are your plans for Crafty Llama in the future?

As a small business we have done so much already! But for the future I would love to attend markets and craft fairs with our own stall. That would be a dream come true. Other than that, I would like our social media platform to continue growing as it is and share ideas with other small crafty businesses!

Thanks for the chat Pam, we can’t wait to see what you’re able to create out of this opportunity. Make sure you go and check out Crafty Llamas website; www.crafty-llama.com and follow their Instagram too