​HiyaHiya Europe’s knitting needle guide. Interchangeable accessories.

In this week’s blog, I am highlighting some of our accessories which are made to compliment the HiyaHiya interchangeable range.

Hopefully, you have seen my previous blog in which I explained all the ins and outs of purchasing items from the HiyaHiya Interchangeable range. Something I felt could be expanded upon, is the range of accessories that are available to enhance your collection.

Here are some key accessories I believe you need to complete your interchangeable collection.

Needle Grips and Keys

If you want to use interchangeable needles, you want to make sure that the tip is securely fastened to your cable. If it isn’t, not only will you find your tip unscrewing from the cable as you knit. But you will not be getting benefit from the rollerball mechanism in HiyaHiya cables.

To use either of these tools, you must attach and screw your needle tip onto the cable. Be sure to hold the tip by the metal connection at the bottom, as holding anywhere else along the needle can cause damage to it.

Once they are connected you can either use the silicone grips or the cable key to tighten it fully. To use the grips, hold one in each hand, one over the metal connector at the bottom of the needle, and one on the connection of the cable. The additional grip ensures it is tightened as much as possible. Or the less strenuous way to do this is by taking your cable key and pop it through the lifeline hole in the cable and tighten it that way.

You can watch a handy video of this on our YouTube channel here.

Cable connectors

These little connectors come in handy for several reasons.

The first is when you want to create your ideal cable length using the cables you already own. You can use these to connect two or more cables together by simply screwing two cables onto one of these connectors, and then your tips onto each of the ends of your new longer cable.

Another handy use for them is If you are wanting to try on what you are knitting as you go. By carefully removing the tips from the cable you are working on, and then joining the two ends of the cable with a cable connector, you have closed the loop of your work securely. You are now able to try it on to check how it fits and feels.

This is also a great way to keep your work in progress secure if you need to use the tips on another project. Or if you do not want to risk dropping any stitches when transporting your project as you go.

You can watch a handy video of this on our YouTube channel here.


Tip adaptors

As mentioned in my previous guide to interchangeable needles blog, the HiyaHiya interchangeable range comes in three sizes. Miniature, small and large. This does mean that some of your cables and tips may not fit together.

But by using a tip adaptor, you can connect a tip from a larger range to a cable from a smaller range. For example, the standard tip adapter allows you to connect your large interchangeable tips to a small interchangeable cable. And the sock tip adapter allows you to connect your small interchangeable tips to a miniature interchangeable cable.

You can watch a handy video of this on our YouTube channel here.


Panda Cable stoppers

The final accessory I love is the HiyaHiya panda cable stoppers. These are an excellent way to secure any work in progress on a cable, or the perfect topper to an interchangeable straight adaptor.

These are available for large and small tips (not miniature), and each set comes with a different colour sock that the panda is knitting.



What are your must-have accessories? Are there any that I have not mentioned that you love? Let me know via our social channels.





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