​HiyaHiya Europe’s knitting needle guide. Interchangeable range.

HiyaHiya Europe’s knitting needle guide. Interchangeable range.
HiyaHiya Europe’s knitting needle guide. Interchangeable range.

Whether you have been using HiyaHiyas interchangeable range for years or you are completely new to this way of knitting, this weeks guide to knitting will tell you everything you need to know about using interchangeable needles.

If you haven’t explored these tools before, it can seem quite daunting. With such a large range of materials and sizes, it can sometimes be tricky deciding where to start. But if you follow this guide, you will know exactly where to begin.

Once you have chosen which material you prefer to knit with Bamboo, Stainless-steel or Sharp stainless steel, the next thing to consider is what size you will require for your knitting.

Miniature, small and large cables.
Miniature, small and large cables.

Miniature, Regular and large

Now unlike other knitting brands, our cables are separated into three different categories according to the tip size.

Miniature/sock: These cables are easily recognized by their bright pink colour, and are made to fit tip sizes ranging from 2.00mm to 2.50mm.

Regular: These cables are typically blue or green, and are made to fit tip sizes ranging from 2.75mm to 5.00mm.

Large: These cables are typically green or blue, and are made to fit tip sizes ranging from 5.5mm to 10mm.

HiyaHiya has created these different size categories to make your knitting easier. By having different size cables and adaptors, the connection between the tip and cable is not too drastic. This reduces the chance of your work snagging as you knit. As well as ensuring any work with 4ply or less yarn is kept consistent with your gauge and tension.


Sharp, steel and bamboo tips.
Sharp, steel and bamboo tips.

Tip Length

Whilst HiyaHiya interchangeable tips are available in sizes ranging from 2.00mm to 10.00mm, they also come in the option of two lengths. You can purchase them as either 4 Inches or 5 inches long.

Which to choose is entirely up to you and your style of knitting. Some people prefer the 4” tip as its lighter in their hands which means more of their work is on the cable. Others prefer a 5” tip, as smaller needles can cause stress to their hands and wrists.

What I must advise however is to bear in mind which length tip you have chosen when ordering your cables.

HiyaHiya interchangeable cables
HiyaHiya interchangeable cables


HiyaHiya cables unique rollerball mechanism is a dream for any Knitter but especially those with dexterity issues. This mechanism means that as you work, your needles rotate around your cable freely, meaning that you are not constantly readjusting your work to lay correctly as you knit. This works especially well when your work has a little bit of weight to it, aided by the flattened part of the cable Infront of where they connect to your tips.

Now some customers have enquired into the purpose of this flattened part of the cable as it was originally only 5mm long. But to improve on the mechanism, on our latest cables it is just over a cm long. The weight of your work lying on this part helps keep the cable in place, without snagging your stitches.

Unlike other brands, HiyaHiyas’ cable length descriptions are that of the finished assembled needle. Just like fixed circular descriptions. This means you do not have to work out the total size yourself. This why all HiyaHiya cables have two sizes in their description. For instance, a 20”/22” would make a 20” circular needle when using 4” tips and a 22” circular needle when using 5” tips.


Interchangeable accessories
Interchangeable accessories

Whether you want to dive straight into buying a complete Interchangeable set or want to gradually grow your collection to your needs, HiyaHiya Europe has many options for you.

If you are wanting to purchase any of the items I have mentioned in this blog, you can do so by heading to our stockist page, where one of our official retailers will be able to meet your needs.

If you are interested in becoming a HiyaHiya Europe official retailer, you can do so by registering here.

Do you use our interchangeable range? What would you like to try? Let me know via our social media channels or emailing [email protected]